sculpture garden


Lupin Sculpture Garden is a work in progress and hopes to open to a wider audience after placing 20 sculptures.

The sculptures are by six local artists and so far have an average of 15 works. A few works are on temporary display and recently a few sculptures from Burning Man have also found a temporary home here.

The garden is spread out on more than 100 acres of a former winery estate. The property owned by the Stout family since 1977 is also the grounds for Lupin Lodge which was established in 1935.

Centrally located in Silicon Valley, the Santa Cruz mountains is easily accessible and yet is nestled in nature surrounded by miles of hiking trails. The landscping includes native plants and the art work is sited on paths, in and around the restaurant clubhouse, and in the chapparral or near redwoods.

While visiting the sculptures, you may see many deer, wild turkeys, snakes, raccons, wild and domestic cats, possums, and a huge variety of birds including hawks, owls, stellar jays and woodpeckers.

Check back and see how the sculpture garden is progressing.