Broken Wishbone

Broken Wishbone Bronze,, 9’ x 6’ 3” x 2’ 3” A human-scale gateway that people can walk through and children can play around portrays part of our American cultural heritage: the tradition of breaking a wishbone at dinner time. The sculpture’s break represents hopes and dreams juxtaposed with disappointments and … To see more infoBroken Wishbone

In Transition

In Transition Bronze, 22” x 33” x 12” A study of balance, form, tension, design and zen. The visual that the ball might drop to either side creates the feeling of tension.

Running Chair

Chair in Motion Brass, 10.5’ x 1.6’ x 8’ This whimsical chair comments on the time and pace of life – even chairs are running to catch up. The sculpture was funded by Philanthropic Ventures Foundation. The recycled brass pipes were donated by Nor Cal Waste Systems. – San Francisco … To see more infoRunning Chair


Minou Bronze, 18″ x 5″ x 4″ Stylized zoomorphic cat, “minou” is “kitty” in French.  Sekhmet/Bas the lion-headed warrior goddess in Egypt eventually evolved into Bastet depicted iwth the head of a domestic cat, becoming a goddess who protected her people from evil an diseases as well as the goddess … To see more infoMinou

Flight I

Flight I Brass, 10’4″ x 2’6″ x 8″ Working directly in wax using the lost wax technique to create this bronze, she formed beneath my fingers dancing, running: a joyous fluid ode to movement.